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Sustainability for our environment

Trading for a better world

We founded Sattva Veda with the idea of ​​contributing to a world that is healthier and fairer than the one we live in. For this reason, we not only produce healthy products in the best quality, but also always pay attention to the fact that we act ecologically and sustainably.

Our environmental philosophy is our company philosophy, which is reflected in all our actions. From cultivation and harvesting, to production and logistics, to the organization and packaging of our products: nature and people are always respected.

For instance, we use only recyclable materials instead of environmentally damaging plastics, as far as this is possible. Our filling material and our cartons are made of reusable cardboard and invoices are sent by e-mail to avoid wasting paper. To send our packages we use GoGreen, the CO2-neutral shipping from DHL. We also try to compensate the CO2 emissions in the production of advertising material.

We have also chosen the GLS Environment Bank as our bank. For each transaction in our bank account, a small amount is used for environmental projects. For our product packaging we use reclosable paper zipper bags. In this way, we keep the quality of our goods and avoid unnecessary environmental waste like plastic.

When choosing our partners, we make sure that they share our environmentally friendly philosophy. If possible, our products are organic certified. In some cases this is not possible or not intended for organizational reasons. One example is our Premium Moringa Powder: It is organic-compatible but not certified. With an organic certification the farmers in Sri Lanka can not use the trees themselves. We do not want to harm the population and the domestic market in any way. This is why we have deliberately omitted an organic seal.

By buying from Sattva Veda, you not only support us and our philosophy, but also the people and nature in Germany, Sri Lanka and the world. You participate in our plan to contribute to greater justice and sustainability, to fair trade and to the deliberate handling of resources in our common world.

Sattva Veda

organic certified

organic certified

GoGreen DHL

CO2-neutral shipping

recyclable materials

recyclable materials

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GLS Bank

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