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How to take Moringa - Our Recommendation

Vital and fit with Moringa - How to start

Moringa promotes nutrient uptake, provides important minerals, improves the immune system, helps with sleep problems and has a beneficial effect on body and mind in many ways. But how to start taking Moringa? What products should I take? How often and how much Moringa is good for me?

How to start taking Moringa can not be answered generally. Everyone is different. Just as different as the eating habits.

To help you getting started with Moringa, we wrote a recommendation on taking Moringa.

Getting used to Moringa

Moringa is a natural product. As any raw food product, the stomach must first get accustomed to the intake. If you want to change your diet and do not use Ayurvedic dishes or raw food, you should start slowly with Moringa. Otherwise, the cleansing process of Moringa can lead to flatulence, stomach upset, and a feeling of fullness. However, it is always important how sensitive the stomach is. Usually people with normal eating habits do not have any complaints.

Moringa as a Lifestyle

Who regularly takes Moringa and respects their diet feels more vital and powerful, is less susceptible to disease and can notice improvement in skin and hair. The fitness values can also rise markedly as the body better absorb the necessary nutrients. However, simply taking 10g of Moringa powder would not lead to a sudden boost of energy.

Moringa is a natural product, not a chemical drug. The body or stomach must get used to Moringa. It takes about one to two months to notice a difference. Similar to losing weight, it is a slow process that you hardly notice yourself. More likely it is noticed first by other people, mentioning that you are more vital or have a better skin.

Recommendation Taking Moringa

Week 1 - First step with tea

Whoever is not used to raw food should start slowly with Moringa. We recommend starting with our organic Moringa tea. Take a cup of Moringa tea daily in the morning after getting up toget used to Moringa. The tea should drain in slightly cooled water at a maximum of 70 degrees for at least 6 minutes to achieve the best effect.

Week 2 - Starting with capsules

After the first week the powder (in the form of capsules) is added. Start with one capsule of Moringa powder per meal. Just take a Moringa capsule with a glass of water without chewing to you after each meal (3 meals a day). The vegan capsule dissolves in the stomach and the powder can be absorbed directly together with the food. Make sure you drink not only a sip, but a whole glass of water while taking the capsules. This will help you maintain your water balance and make sure the capsules are directed all the way into your stomach.

Week 3 - adding powder

After the second week your stomach can process Moringa well and you can increase the amount slightly. You can now take 1-2 capsules per meal. If you are able to handle the powder without problems, we recommend to refine your dishes with our Moringa powder in addition to the capsules. Start with 1/2 tsp (about 1.5g) per day. The Moringa powder can be used, for example, in sauces, smoothies, bread spreads or shakes. The powder can also be stirred in cereals, but it does not dissolve in liquid. Some nutrients develop only when heated and can be absorbed more easily by the body. For this reason, we recommend taking our tea and hot dishes, which are enriched with powder.

You can find more application examples with our recipes.

Week 4 - becoming more green

After three weeks you can increase the daily intake of the powder to 1 EL (ca 3,5g). After one month, your stomach should be completely used to Moringa. We then recommend taking one cup of tea a day, up to 1 tbsp (about 3.5g) of Moringa powder in shakes or dishes and 6 capsules daily.

The amount of powder and capsules can be varied as desired. The goal is to take about 6g a day. No side effects of Moringa are known. For this reason, according to current knowledge, taking a higher amount is completely harmless.

If you still want to calculate your exact intake, you can use our Moringa.Intake-Calculator below.

Try it! Take Moringa for two months with our recommendation and discover what Moringa can do for your body!

In our Moringa Starter-Box and Moringa Green-Life-Box, you get exactly the amount of Moringa you need for the first and second month. Stay healthy!


Calculate your daily intake of Moringa.
Our recommendation: 6g per day

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Daily dose of Moringa powder:   5.9 g

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First step with tea

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