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Recipes and Dishes with Moringa

The Miracle Tree in your Food

Moringa can expand almost every dish to help improve nutrient uptake. Here you will learn everything about the preparation of the very healthy Moringa drumsticks and the use of Moringa leaf powder in tasty dishes.
We recommend using Moringa leaf powder not only as raw food but also for warm food. Although our freeze drying is the best method to keep sensitive nutrients in the moringa, there are nutrients that develop only when warming up and are absorbed more easily by the body.
Therefore we recommend the daily intake of our tea, which should, however, in slightly cooled water at a maximum of 70 degrees. We use Moringa powder in warm dishes and enriches with valuable nutrients. Recipes can be found here!

Also have a look at our super delicious and healthy Moringa smoothies and other recipe ideas, which can be easily integrated into everyday life.

We wish you a healthy appetite!

Moringa-Drumstick Curry (mild,vegan)

Moringa Drumsticks Curry

Moringa Drumsticks Curry

An old traditional curry from Sri Lanka. It tastes light and is, with the addition of curcuma, an extremely healthy supplement to rice.

Roasted Moringa Chickpeas (vegan)

roased Moringa chickpeas recipe

Roasted Moringa Chickpeas

A simple, healthy and vegan meal from Sri Lanka. With the protein richness of the chickpeas and the nutrient richness of the Moringa leaves.

Vegetable soup with moringa (vegan)

Vegetable soup with moringa

Vegetable Soup with Moringa

Moringa can be added to any soup. Here you will find a vegetable soup with healthy red rice from Sri Lanka!

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