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Moringa Oleifera Seeds

  • Moringa Oleifera Seeds for growing at home
  • Moringa Oleifera Seeds for growing at home
  • Moringa Oleifera Tree

Moringa Oleifera Seeds from India

Moringa Oleifera seeds for growing at home

100 seeds, ca. 27g

Product-Nr: MS05
4,90 € available

1000 seeds, ca. 270g

Product-Nr: MS12
44,90 € available

How to grow Moringa plants

  1. There are many ways to plant moringa seeds. Some Moringa farmers let the seeds in water for 1-2 days first, others plant them in pots with simple flower soil and again others sow them directly into the soil.
  2. The best result we have achieved with small pots in which loose and sandy soil was mixed with coconut fibers.
  3. Plant the seed about 1 cm deep and close the small hole with some soil. Make sure that the earth is loose, because Moringa seeds do not like a compacted soil.
  4. Now you can water the pot properly, but make sure that the water can drain from the pot. Place the pot in a very bright and warm place (at least 20 degrees).
  5. Pour some water into the pot every day. After about 10 - 14 days the seeds should sprout. After that, water them only about every second day. If the water is too much, the sprouts will die.
  6. As soon as the Moringa plant is about 20 cm in size, plant it directly into the soil or tamp the plant into a larger pot. Now it is enough to irrigate the plant only once or twice a week.
  7. Do not pay too much water and look for a sunny place because the plant loves a lot of warmth and sun.

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